Jessica + Daniel | Adventure Engagement Session in Rocky Mountain National Park

In the wedding photography industry our clients often end up becoming our friends. As wedding photographers we walk alongside our couples from the beginning stages of planning to the moment they exit their wedding day. Over all that time we really get to know each other! Since I am with my couples the entire day of their wedding it's so important that we not only get along, but that we understand each other and have some sort of relationship. This is something I will always strive for with my clients, because it makes all the difference in how comfortable and supported they feel the day of their wedding, and it helps me better serve them throughout every step of the process.

Their wedding day hasn't happened yet, but Jessica and Daniel have already become like close friends. These two have been completely wonderful and generous from the very beginning. They are from another state so our first meeting was over Skype instead of face to face. We talked for awhile and laughed a lot. I learned later that they chose me to be their wedding photographer mainly because when they got off of that first Skype call, they felt like they had just caught up with an old friend. I felt the exact same way! We all felt connected and relaxed around each other and it made their adventure engagement session that much sweeter. 

These two are so kind and sweet to each other. As we walked through snow banks and over rocks, Daniel would always be offering his hand to Jessica, helping her down or offering for her to lean on him. They ended up wearing Toms shoes, even in the snow, and they just ran with it, laughing the whole way. The evening ended watching the sunset behind the high alpine mountains. It was breathtaking, freezing cold, and made for lots of cuddles. 

Kate + Jared | Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

Kate and Jared eloped in the mountains of Colorado. Their day together was simple and sweet. We found the perfect spot near Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, where you could see the mountains in the distance. They hadn't planned any official vows, but Jared surprised Kate with a prepared speak, including a poem that he felt represented their life together. Just as Jared began to read his prepared words, it started to snow while the sun was still shining. It was a completely perfect and still moment. It was an honor to capture their connection and to witness to the beginning of their marriage! After they had their first kiss, they explored a little more and spent some time taking in the scenery. We left the park and they ended the evening celebrating with their favorite kind of pie. They made the day their own which was awesome! Colorado was their first stop on a long road trip exploring all over the West together. Mountain elopements are the best!

Nadège + Joe | Mountain Wedding at The Lodge at Sunspot

Nadège and Joe got married on a crisp Fall day, literally on the top of a mountain. Nadège was born and raised in Switzerland, and Joe's family is from Ireland. Their day was filled with the importance of heritage and family. Little details and traditions were included throughout the day that celebrated their past and also looked forward to their future together. Both Nadège and Joe were so calm all day, taking in each moment. Everyone rode a chairlift up to the ceremony, and they said their vows while the golden sun set behind the nearby mountain range. It was one of the most breathtaking weddings I've ever seen. Both sides of their families were kind and SO fun, and man could everybody dance! The live music was AMAZING (hey hey, Diamond Empire Band!) which was not put to waste because literally everyone there was incredible at dancing. Nadège shared with me that it was important their day be a sensory experience for all the guests, which would make the wedding more memorable. Not only was everything beautiful to the eye, but there were intentional tastes and scents included in their reception. The lighting was low, white scented candles were at every table along with large green centerpieces, and the food was perfect. She even had fresh mint and lavender in her bouquet to add a calming scent to its beauty. Nadège and Joe really had their families and guests interests at heart, and insisted on going to say hello to each and every table at the reception. That kind of care and isn't something you see often now days! There was not one moment I can remember that Nadège or Joe wasn't smiling. It's wedding days like this one that have me pinching myself. Congrats to Nadège and Joe! 


Venue: The Lodge at Sunspot, Winter Park Resort

Wedding Dress: Rue de Seine, Sophia Dress

Bride's Shoes: Sezane

Bride's Earrings: Etsy

Bridesmaid Dresses: BHLDN

Bridesmaid Scarves: Banana Republic

Hair and Makeup: The Parlour - Capital Hill

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Bar III

Groom's Shoes: Johnston and Murphy

Florist: Plum Sage Flowers

Invitation Suite: Minted

Catering: The Lodge at Sunspot

Chocolates: Lindt

Cake: Whole Foods

Photobooth: The Laughing Photobooth

Table Numbers: Printed at PostNet

Live Band: Diamond Empire Band

Coordinator: Emily Jackson, Winter Park Resort


Katie + Andy | Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session

Katie and Andy are getting married this summer! They are both Elementary School teachers, Katie teaches music and Andy teaches Science. Their sense of humor and love for each other is beautiful, it's clear they have a ton of fun together. We explored on a cold, foggy day in Rocky Mountain National Park. Without any direction or prompting, Andy picked up Katie over and over again, swinging her around or pretending to drop her, it was adorable.  It was such a joy to capture their connection. A storm passed over the mountains and eventually revealed a beautiful mountain view just as the sun was setting. You couldn't ask for a sweeter couple or a better night in the mountains!



This wedding was unlike any that I've photographed! Courtney is from the US, and Jamie is from England. They met in Vail, Colorado, and they share tons of adventures together and love all thing outdoors. Their love for fun and their families made the day so special. There were so many English traditions brought in from Jamie's side of the family, and it all blended perfectly to create an energy filled and beautiful day. My second photographer and I were offered breakfast by 4 different family members within a few minutes of arriving, which just shows the kindness and hospitality of everyone there. Courtney was given a locket with a photo of Jamie as a young boy, and Jamie's mom was wearing her locket with a photo of her husband as a boy, given to her on her wedding day too. Their ceremony was in a park in Vail, surrounded by slack-liners and people playing frisbee. Everyone gathered and stood as they said their vows. 

Their officiant and close friend Kevin asked them what they loved most about each other. He shared their answers during the ceremony. They have given me permission to share their answers:

Jamie's Response:

"She is Smart, motivated, has a great sense of humor, a strong sense of morals, her best feature is her big brown eyes. She keeps me in line, and we bring out the best in each other…we are a good counter balance.  Life is just easier with her. I can't imagine life without her."

Courtney's Response:

"What I love about Jamie is his boss ambition and drive.  I love his goals for us in life. I also love that he is always there for me.  I just feel like I can completely depend on him and love the security he provides for me. I love having him to come home to and to talk things through with. I wish I could find a better way to put this because I feel like this sounds so cliche'.  I just feel like I can tackle the world because of his support. I also love how special he makes me feel. I feel treasured by him and like I am just the right girl for him. I can’t imagine life without him."

They also had a close friend read this poem:

Two shall be born the whole world wide apart,
And speak in different tongues, and pay their debts
In different kinds of coin; and give no heed
Each to the other’s being. And know not
That each might suit the other to a T,
If they were but correctly introduced.
And these, unconsciously, shall bend their steps,
Escaping Spaniards and defying war,
Unerringly toward the same trysting-place,
Albeit they know it not. Until at last
They enter the same door, and suddenly
They meet. And ere they’ve seen each other’s face
They fall into each other’s arms, upon
The Broadway cable car – and this is Fate!"
—Carolyn Wells

The speeches were a big deal at the reception, and there must have been over 10 times when everyone in the venue stood up and held their glasses in the air to cheers the newly wed couple. Guests traveled from Scotland and England, and were elegantly dressed and told stories together.  Everyone was so warm and friendly, and it seemed like it was already one big family reunion the way everyone got along. It was a beautiful day!


Venue: Brush Creek Pavilion

Dress: a&bé Bridal

Flowers: DIY

Catering: Moe's Barbeque


Nadege + Joe | In Home Engagement Session

Nadege and Joe wanted to do something a little different for their engagement session. Instead of advneutring and exploring somewhere new, they wanted to spend time together in their very favorite places. We spent an evening hanging out in their beautiful home with their dog, Basil. They made drinks, played catch and snuggled on the couch. Then we got to take a walk around their favorite park, running from a rainstorm and hiding in the trees. The evening was completely relaxed and completely them, which made it all so special. In-home sessions are now a new favorite!

Nasiem + Matt - Engagement Session on Green Mountain

Nasiem and Matt are getting married this summer. It has been such a pleasure to get to know these two. They are funny, kind, and love their dog Atticus to pieces. We spent the evening hiking around the foothills of Green Mountain near Golden, Colorado. It was rainy and cold, and they totally embraced the weather. It made for a sweet and cozy time! 

Lexie + Jake | Adventure Session in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking in the mountains in the freezing cold with 20 MPH winds? Not stopping these two! Seriously though, I am beyond grateful for these brave souls. I have yet to see a couple this kind and flexible in the midst of crazy weather! We hiked up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, one of my absolute favorite hikes. On the trail, we passed people dressed head to tow in full winter gear; heavy coats, snow pants, and even snowshoes. Lexie and Jake wore these killer outfits, and kept a smile on their faces the whole time. It was so crazy and we laughed basically the whole time, mostly thinking, "What were we thinking?!". Now that I'm going through the photos, I know it was well worth it! I cannot thank these two enough for braving the elements with me, and creating a memory together. And I must add a shout out to my amazing and supportive husband for being my pack mule, and carrying all our extra clothing and gear around. Here’s to the unexpected, and learning not only how to roll with it, but how to laugh along the way!


Hair: Whitney at Halcyon Salon and Spa

Makeup: Ally Triolo

THANK YOU - 2016


To all the couples I worked with in 2016, thank you for trusting me with some of your most precious and intimate moments together. I am so grateful for every single one of you! I recognize that I literally couldn’t do what I love to do without you all. I’ve been working as a photographer for years, but this November marked my first official year of owning my own wedding photography business. I am blown away by the growth and support I’ve experienced, both from loved ones and from clients. You all are beyond amazing and I’m honored to have been welcomed into your lives. Here’s to another year of growth, reckless love, and all the laughter! Let's do this 2017!

Brittny + Chris | Wedding

Brittny and Chris shared the most elegant evening together in downtown Denver surrounded by close friends and family. They looked like they walked straight out of the 1920's! Their day was so sweet, and my favorite moments probably all involved Brittny's son, Harlan. All day Chris was so sweet to Harlan, helping him get dressed, helping him make his speech, fixing his bowtie after some crazy dancing. It was amazing to see how these three have become a family. Brittny's dance with Harlan was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. A was a beautiful night.


Venue: The Brown Palace Hotel

Dress: Emma and Grace Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress: Dillards

Hair and Makeup: The Brown Palace Hotel Spa

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse

Florist: Carina Aguilar

Bride's Bouquet: King Soopers

Catering and Cake: The Brown Palace Hotel

Band: Homeslice

Cordinator and Event Design: Hope Sulerzyski